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Modeling Our First Character

Ayo arrived back to us dressed for success! The character looked great, but we still wanted it to match Dr. Amah's image just a little more. We understood that we wouldn't have a 100% accurate depiction of Dr. Amah, but we still wanted the character's proportions to be representative of her. After all this hard work by our fantastic designer, Tajha Winkle, it was time to finalize!



Textiles Matter

The second sketch of Ayo was delivered to Carrendo Studios with a brand new look! Fashion is an important part of any culture and making sure that it is represented accurately can broaden the perspective of the consumer and break down a stereotypical look. This dress that Ayo now wears is one that Dr. Miracle Amah owns in real life! We're in love with the pattern and the colors!


June 24, 2022

Screen Shot 2022-06-21 at 5.10.27 PM.png

We got our first sketch back from artist, Tajha Winkle!

We were so excited to see the first interpretation of Ayo & Tajha did WONDERFULLY with the information given to her. 

It's normal for characters to go through some revisions & after Miracle looked over the design we learned that the design of Ayo's dress is not particularly Nigerian, but more likely to be Kenyan. We're also going to shift some of her proportions. Ayo's name in this interpretation is also spelled differently because the name wasn't delivered to our artist in writing. She took a good guess, but we need to make that change too. 

Creating content that accurately represents the culture we're collaborating to the best of our ability with is very important. We're now anticipating a new interpretation based off of new reference photos and information!



Opera. For. Everyone.

Doctor Miracle Amah is an artist on mission. Hailing from Nigeria, Dr. Amah is creating space and understanding for authentic decolonization in the arts; in all capacities and genres. In many institutions, opera is constrained to a European perspective and leaves no room for innovation. Dr. Amah and her team have brought her opera, "Omo Àgbè Tó D'olórin" (The Farmer's Daughter Becomes a Musician) to the stage and will soon bring it to a children's book, cast recording, and eventually the big screen as an animated feature. Her journey started in June of 2022 and we are so excited to share each milestone with you as we bring you this inspiring story.

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