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Welcome to the Choir!

Hi LAC Family! Welcome to our Christmas choir! We're so happy to be participating in worship together. This season, we'll be singing "Joy to the World." You'll use this website to find the resources you'll need including recordings, sheet music, digital rehearsals, and more. If you have any questions, email me at Looking forward to working with you all!

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Rehearsal Schedule

Here are our rehearsal dates! Send me a note to if you need to miss one! November 21 @ 7 PM November 24 @ 7 PM December 19 @ 7 PM December 22 @ 7 PM

Digital Rehearsal #1

You'll find a video in this section for your voice part. Please click it to learn the opening of our piece! Remember, you can go to to find sheet music, recordings, etc. You'll

Sheet Music!

Hi Choir! This section of the website will let you access your parts. Even if you don't read sheet music, I recommend that you go ahead and print a copy of your part out. We may mark something to help


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